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Peer into the future and assess the viability of potential plots before making financial commitments with the use of our modelling application.

Research, Calculate & Profit

  • Predict Potential Plot Viability
  • Analyse Potential Returns
  • Try Different Build Types For Maximum Profit
  • Tap Into Unrivalled Property Data
  • Find Gaps In The Market
  • Foresight Into Profit Maximisation
  • Produce Professionally Branded Reports
  • Gain Competitive Advantage
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Insightful Data

Accurately use the latest property stats to analyse trends, allowing you to make informed property development decisions.

Enter proposed housing plans to calculate potential sales and rental returns on a new development.

Try different types of build to find the best returns, giving you a clearer indication on making the right investment.

Make the most of our expansive area data to find gaps in the market and tap into new opportunities.

Market Leading Accuracy

Using hundreds of data sets our machine learning AVM has been trained on over 25m records to produce results you can rely on.

Transparent Pricing

We pride ourselves on providing market leading software at affordable pricing. Our pricing starts at just £19 per month.

Instant Reports

Interactive reports are generated in under 3 seconds. Stored on your private dashboard you can retrieve, print and share reports however you want.

Full Branding Control

Simply generate reports for private use or customise all aspects of the report with your branding. We put you in control of how reports look and feel.

"HouseVault provides our users with a wealth of knowledge to help them fully utilise the latest property data. Apply the data to predict house growth price, identify risks and area statistics with total confidence."

Foresight At Your Finger Tips

The power of having such a wealth of property information instantly on hand for you to analysis and predict takes away any of the guesswork.

Reports generated allow you foresight into property predicted value and local area data, giving you the most accurate information to develop property successfully.

Utilise unrivalled report information that is constantly up to date and accurate to within 3%.

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