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We understand that generating a constant flow of leads and property listing sign ups is an essential activity within your Estate Agency. That's why we have created the HouseVault Valuation Application.

Sitting on a sub-domain of your existing website address and styled to your agency branding, the HouseVault Valuation Application is your online client facing tool for generating those all important leads.

Working within the property industry, in both the technology and marketing side, we saw that current online valuation tools weren't producing accurate valuation estimations of people's property, leading to many people being either unhappy with their valuation or simply not getting enough information as to why the valuation price was given.

People wanted more information on their property than just a price range that often varied from minimum price to maximum price of up to £100,000.

We felt that this not only reflected badly on the estate agent but also built a negative wall between the valuation lead and the agent when initial contact was made. So we put our expertise into action and created a valuation tool that is simply the most accurate in the industry.

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